Three Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Do to Manage Their Time Better


Many people dream of having more energy and time to devote to their business, but most do not factor time management into their business plans. As a result, most agents are forced to constantly outsource work and face a revolving door of team members. Time management is essential for a successful real estate business, but there are some basic steps that every agent should take to make this dream a reality. Listed below are three things every agent should do to manage their time better.

Work with a real estate company to set up a business plan

When setting up a real estate business plan, one of the most important aspects is to focus on your customer. Without an understanding of your customer, you could miss the mark and waste time and money on marketing activities that will produce little or no result. Clients may respond differently to different forms of communication and value different brands. In addition to price and space, consider your ideal demographic, including age and gender. For more


To get the most out of your real estate business plan, you must understand your financial goals. Your net worth will help you determine your financial future. You can do this by making a financial plan that breaks down your income and expenses by category. In a real estate business plan, you may include goals for marketing, closing sales, and personal development.

You might also want to include a social media action plan.

Create a customer relationship management system

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools have become more important to real estate agents. They help manage communication with clients and leads. While most CRMs are useful for other types of sales, real estate agencies need a CRM designed specifically for them. Features should include email and text messaging, lead follow-up tools, and click-to-call capabilities. But which CRM will be best for you? Read on to find out.

CRM tools must be easy to use. A real estate CRM software that makes it easy for agents and brokers to use is an essential part of running a real estate business. Pipedrive, for example, lets you create IDX websites, enlist properties, and design home pages for your agents. It also gives you the ability to organize documents, legal documents, and property related artifacts. The software also helps you track leads and convert them to sales.

Charge commissions on the sale of properties

Real estate agents have a wide range of commissions that they can charge for selling properties.

Some charge higher than others, depending on the price of the property. If the property is worth $100 million, a 5% commission is equivalent to $5,000,000. If the property is worth only $49,000, the commission would be around 10%. For property sellers who are motivated, higher commission rates may be offered. Typically, a commission is around ten percent of the annual rent.  


Regardless of the size of the commission, a real estate agent can help the seller negotiate a lower price for the property. Many listing agents do not negotiate their commissions and may be unwilling to waive a portion of their fees. According to a Consumer Federation of America report,

73% of listing agents declined to negotiate the commission. If the seller offers a lower commission, the buyer makes up the difference. But discounting the commission can make the process more difficult and result in less money.



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